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Gearpods modular adventure and survival gear.


  • GearPods Containers

    GearPods Containers and Container Systems. Tough waterproof containers ideal for storing small items in.

  • GearPods Carry Systems

    GearPods carry systems. Ideal for carrying your Gearpods safely in one secure place. Strap to a backpack, or a bike, a roll cage of your 4x4, your canoe or kayak or where you choose.

  • GearPods Pre-Filled Adventure Survival Kits

    GearPods Pre-Filled Adventure and Survival Kits. Gearpods Backcountry and Gearpods Wilderness are the perfect survival kits to accompany you on your adventures.

  • GearPods Shelter

    GearPods Shelter System is a Tarp that packs down into a Gearpods Container and it makes the perfect light weight signal panel. My personal favorite Gearpods product.

  • GearPods Stove

    Gearpods Stove and accessories.