Fire Lighting

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Firesteels, Fire Pistons, Match Safes, Tinder and Candles.


  • Fire Steels

    Firesteels - including EXOTAC Firesteel, nanoSTRICKER Firesteel, polySTRIKER Firesteel, fireROD Firesteel and Light My Fire Army Firesteel

  • Lighters

    Lighters for lighting your fire, stove or lantern

  • Fire Pistons

    Fire Pistons - fire by compression

  • Match Safes

    Match Safes are keeping your matches dry. People call them many things including, waterproof match cases, match containers even match boxes.

  • Tinder

    Tinder to start your fire - from fatwood dust and splinters to something more artificial. Exotac Tinder Tins, SURE Strips from Go Prepared Survival

  • Long Life Candles

    Survival candles are Long Life Candles - Candle tins are great for fire lighting, providing light and warmth in a shelter, car or even the home. Can even be used to warm food. Exotac Candles are made of 100% natural Beeswax